Friday, August 15, 2008

Russia Bullying Georgia: Says President Bush

"When will you stop taking my lunch money," one kid ask? The other kid says, "if you bring me $200 I will leave you alone."

"Deal, says the one kid." He brings him the $200 bucks and they part. Immediately the next day the other kid says; "buy me lunch today."
This is the conversation between Russia (the other kid) and Georgia (the kid).
It's the age old bully verse classmates. And now it has received the attention of President Bush. Uh oh. The last time he intervened in another country's dispute, we are still disputing (not funny).
The president said the Cold War is over and that a contentious relationship with the United States is not in Russia's interests. Bush said "bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century."
Seemed to work in Iraq? No one knows where this is going; but hopefully not into another war.
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Catholics settle over $12 Million Dollars

CHICAGO Funnies (AP) — The Archdiocese of Chicago said Tuesday it had agreed to pay more than $12.6 million to settle lawsuits by 16 people who accused priests of sexual abuse, and it made public a candid deposition in the case by Cardinal Francis George.

This is disturbing that men who claim to be the ministers for God are out here abusing little boys. Let us forget getting compensated for these lewd actions, why are priest doing this. I would say abolish the rule that priest can't and shouldn't be married; but these priest mainly abuse young boys.

"My hope is that these settlements will help the survivors and their families begin to heal and move forward," George said in a separate statement in which he also apologized for the abuse.

We all guess...

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Chicago Loses it's Funny Man

CHICAGO - Chicago Funnies actually has a topic not funny. The death of a Chicago funny comedian. Bernie Mac past away on Saturday morning in Chicago.
Bernie Mac’s wife and daughter were with him until the very end, says the late comics sister-in-law in a personal and touching interview with PEOPLE that took place Saturday.

Speaking of a heartbreaking moment between her younger sister, Rhonda, and the 50-year-old actor-comedian – who succumbed to complications from pneumonia in a Chicago hospital at 2 a.m. Saturday – Mary Ann Grossett says that the night before Mac died, "He struggled for his life. He couldn't breathe.

While a Chicago legend passes away; everyone will remember his comedy. "You have lovely hands. Do you moisturize (very funny)?"

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RIP Bernie Mac