Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Every Woman Wants to Be Her

It was a fantastic evening; the President was Inaugurated and sworn in and the parade took place standing in the cold; and finally the ball room dances.

Every guy wanted to be him; every woman wanted to Michelle.  They looked so nice and I was very happy and pleased with the occasion.  Congratulations to our new President and First Lady, Barack & Michelle Obama!!!!!!

Now if I can get my wife to clap for me once for anything, I promise to blog about how it felt so other normal guys can share my experience (hope she doesn't read this).

Chicago Funnies
Randall Watson

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to President (Elect) Barack Obama; America and the world has seen a big change.

Chicago Funnies congratulates America in it's progression and salutes Dr. King for his struggle to impart civil rights in a country that was founded on civil rights and equal opportunity for all man kind.

These men are true leaders; true fighters for equality, and true African Americans (especially Obama -mom American, dad African).

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day from Chicago Funnies.

Randall Watson