Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah Palin / Joe Biden Debate

Who do you think won the vice presidential debates.  Sarah Palin didn't appear as ditsy as she was portrayed in the previous weeks.  I saw Governor Palin reading a lot as she spoke; but she was articulate, cute, and appeared fundamentally intellectual.  

But she didn't not look like she could be a Presidential candidate nor a vice president.  I think she can do well as a weather commentator (funny?).  

I say that because the people I watched the debates with kept saying that.  What do you think?

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Randal Watson

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sox are Inn!

You can put it on the boarrrrrrrddddd, yes!  The Chicago White Sox have clinched the playoffs in the final spot.  The Chicago White Sox are headed to the playoffs for the first time since winning the 2005 World Series after beating the Minnesota Twins 1-0 behind the bat of Jim Thome and the left arm of John Danks.

I personally didn't think they could pull it; but they did in a nail-biting fashion.  The city was filled with disgusted Cub fans; but hey let Chicago celebrate together for once.

The Sox had to work overtime, but in Game No. 163 of the 162-game regular season, they pulled out a 1-0 victory against the Minnesota Twins in the AL Central tiebreaker, not only advancing to the AL Division Series against Tampa Bay beginning Thursday, but giving Chicago baseball fans the chance to enjoy both their teams in the postseason for the first time since 1906.

The Sox are headed to the postseason for the ninth time in their history, and before the first pitch in the first game against Tampa Bay has been thrown, Reinsdorf is satisfied, that Jerry "I own all Chicago sport" Reinsdorf.  Congratulations to the Sox - now let's make it happen.

Chicago Funnies
ps: personally I'm going for the Cubs or Dodgers.

Failed Financial Crisis!

As many of you have seen on the news concerning our nations financial crisis, George W Bush's 700 Billion dollar blank check; excuse me; bail out was rejected by the House and primarily by republicans. Obviously this bill has many loop holes in it that is either not good for the men and women who voted or they were actually filled with integrity and thought it not good for the people.  

This is an excellent time to really get involved in your politics and see what the heck is going on it Washington and hope for a solid change that will help Americans.

Another thing we must think about is; who can fix the problem best between Senator McCain or Senator Barack Obama?  I remember this quote from one of my favorite movies - "you laughing now?"  Not many people are, and those who are may not be laughing on November 4th.  Vote

Chicago Funnies

Randall Watson