Friday, January 9, 2009

Height Conscious

This really isn't news but it was a funny thought in a photo and a helpful reminder to short guys and gals to be conscious of who they hang with and pose in a picture with.

If you remember the funny Katt Williams joke that when he met Shaq, he was starring directing at Shaq' know what.

At any rate, we thought this photo would give short people the awareness to know who they are posing in pictures with. This guy (in the red shirt on Lebron's right (your left)) posing next to NBA star Lebron James, finds himself pointing at Lebron's...well you know what (not funny for him).

This is just a public service announcement to be 'height conscious' or to have height awareness. Thank you.

Randall Watson
Chicago Funnies

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What is Your Part-Time Job

What a story out of Poland where a man finds out his wife's unsuspecting part-time job.

WARSAW (Reuters) - A Polish man got the shock of his life when he visited a brothel and spotted his wife among the establishment's employees.

Economy woes goes global as polish man finds wife working at a brothel (whore house)...question is what were both of them doing there? Maybe she should of got that side gig as a grocery bagger instead of a man bagger (not even funny).

Times MUST be tough when your side job is being a prostitute...makes you wonder what is her full time job, a librarian (funny)? This is really taking letting the hair down after work to a new level!

We were able to get special transcripts of the husband and a co worker's conversation at his day job the day he found out his wife's unsuspecting job.

Husband: Since my wife got this part time job I haven't gotten any play (sexual intimacy)!Coworker: Really? where does she work?

Husband: A grocery store, shes the demonstrator in the produce section
Coworker: She must be on her feet all day so probably just tired when she gets home

Husband: How tiring can showing people melons be? Any hoot, I'm heading home, got to make a stop before I get there, see you tomorrow
Coworker: Goodnight; and good luck.

Husband arrives at brothel on the way home:

Attendant: How can I help you?
Husband: What's the special?

Attendant: Well we have this new part time chick
Husband: Oh let me at her....

Wife enters

Husband: What are you doing here!!!!?
Wife: What are you doing here (covering up)!!!


Husband: Well...You look good...we might as well do this one more time for the road!

The couple, married for 14 years, are now divorcing, the newspaper reported. What a surprise.

Randall Watson
Chicago Funnies