Friday, July 4, 2008

Violence at Grant Park, Chicago

I just want to see the fire cracker display show; why start shooting? Last night there was a shooting in Chicago that took the life of one; apparently a gang related shooting.

The suspect supposedly was arguing with friends how his gun can make more noise than the City of Chicago fireworks display. When the friend said "there is no way your gun is louder than the City fireworks show;" the gunman proceeded to show the friend how noisome his pistol can get, shooting the friend while blasting into the air and crowd (CF).

No charges had been filed as of Friday morning, and it’s still unclear what the verbal altercation was really about.

In all of this one man is dead, and 3 wounded. When will the killing stop? It is hard to tell at this moment.

Does news like this slow your celebration plans?


Happy 4th of July

It's the 4Th of July - independence in America, firecrackers, celebration, BBQ, food, cook-outs, and all the family reunions and gatherings to fill us all with joy.

With so much celebrating I nearly forgot what I am celebrating. In case you, like me, slip into slight forgetfulness it is independence day.

Men went to war to free us from Great Britain's control - so as Americans you are to be very happy today.

Eat up, and let the professionals pop the firecrackers.

Is this celebration overrated? Comment below.

Chicago Funnies

Thursday, July 3, 2008

US, "We lost 62,000 Jobs."

In the month of June the US LOST 62,000 jobs. I don't know about you but you have got to be the clumsiest person to lose 62,000 of anything. And the economy is to blame.

As you see unemployment lines pile up you start thinking I need a plan B; because you don't want to be in that line - there are better things to stand in line for; like Cubs tickets, a rock concert; but to get in line for money because your money source was cut off...

We need to rebound like Kevin Garnett and really express our concern to President George W. Bush (what is a "W"). I spent a measly 51 bucks at the gas pump today (I say measly because the guy at the pump across from me shot past 80 bucks when I stopped looking). I was amazed, terrified, and I felt my heart faint.
I use the train so much, I forgot how it felt to pay for gas at $4.25 a gallon.
I felt like Michael Jordan's late dad, James, in his expression of how it felt to be at a game with everyone shouting his sons name...

"You wanna break out in goose-bumps," because I can't get in my mind that the gas is any better. 62,000 incomes stopped short, and how can they even afford to go job-hunting (funny). Hey you could be next - I could be, we got to brace ourselves.
And this is no funny topic; except it for Donald Trump's fantastic way of making "you're fired" a sick way I'd rather hear that than, "you're downsized!"
(Don't live in a pink state)

What is your prediction for July 2008?


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Point-god returning home

The NBA's only point-god is returning to his home town of LA; leaving his contract void (even of the promised 17.6 Million in store for him next year in G-State). He thought it was the right thing to do; because he always wanted to return home.
Recently known as the "point-god" because of his trademark beard (and we all know beards comes from people trying to be like God or Jesus, I wonder why we rarely see Christians with them... (notice the capital "G" to distinct between the gods and God)).

Chicago Funnies caught up with Baron to get a few questions:
CF: Baron why are you dropping 17.8 Mill to go back to LA?
BD aka point-god: “It’s tough, but you have to do what’s best,”
CF: C'mon on why are you really leaving and do you think it's fair to G-State?
BD: “You have to do what’s fair. I’m happy with where I’m going. A big reason is because of the impact and the things that I can do going forward. I knew I could have done them here and created all kinds of good things and positive things in the community, and ultimately, me going home helps me make an impact on young kids.”
Davis, who usually has his bushy beard trimmed short below large black-rimmed glasses, said with a smile (after asking our report who are Chicago Funnies)? That's when we abruptly left.
He is going back to LA; I like Baron; he's help make basketball exciting again. Look out Kobe.
Do you think he should have stayed in G-State?
Holla at your's Due Daniels

Mayor Daley

Yo it's your boy; Due Danielz of the Chicago Funnies Show (coming soon). This is my kickoff blog where we (me, my buddy & co-host Dred Jones aka Dreddy the Killah) bring you the goodies in the news with a bit of a spin to it. Now we aren't trying to be funny or hip - we just think these stories are humorous stories in the Chicago land area.

Today briefly I'm going to talk about Mayor Daley. Doing a fine job with Chicago despite a 13% increase in violence this summer (as oppose to last year), but the one thing I can never understand is why does he always make the funny faces?

Mayor Daley has monopolized the office since nearly before I was born and I am "kind of worried" this type of monopolization isn't good for the city. Leave your comments below. Comment on his monopolization and his funny faces.

Due Daniels