Friday, July 4, 2008

Violence at Grant Park, Chicago

I just want to see the fire cracker display show; why start shooting? Last night there was a shooting in Chicago that took the life of one; apparently a gang related shooting.

The suspect supposedly was arguing with friends how his gun can make more noise than the City of Chicago fireworks display. When the friend said "there is no way your gun is louder than the City fireworks show;" the gunman proceeded to show the friend how noisome his pistol can get, shooting the friend while blasting into the air and crowd (CF).

No charges had been filed as of Friday morning, and it’s still unclear what the verbal altercation was really about.

In all of this one man is dead, and 3 wounded. When will the killing stop? It is hard to tell at this moment.

Does news like this slow your celebration plans?


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DJ GQ said...

heck yea it slows my celebration plans. people takin guns to downtown chicago grant park??? this is wild, marges can't even have a good one on a summer night