Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mayor Daley

Yo it's your boy; Due Danielz of the Chicago Funnies Show (coming soon). This is my kickoff blog where we (me, my buddy & co-host Dred Jones aka Dreddy the Killah) bring you the goodies in the news with a bit of a spin to it. Now we aren't trying to be funny or hip - we just think these stories are humorous stories in the Chicago land area.

Today briefly I'm going to talk about Mayor Daley. Doing a fine job with Chicago despite a 13% increase in violence this summer (as oppose to last year), but the one thing I can never understand is why does he always make the funny faces?

Mayor Daley has monopolized the office since nearly before I was born and I am "kind of worried" this type of monopolization isn't good for the city. Leave your comments below. Comment on his monopolization and his funny faces.

Due Daniels

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