Monday, October 20, 2008

Cook County Foreclosures

Cook County; the Chicago County district could top as many as 42,000 foreclosure cases this year.  That is a great number of people going back to renting (not funny).

Cook County's foreclosure court is so busy with the wreckage of the sub-prime mortgage crisis that the number of judges has been increased from 10 to 14, and guess what, they begin their new schedules on Monday (10/19/08).

Foreclosures are up in Cook County by 47.8% in just the first half of this year and are expected to pass 42K by years end.  Increasing judges isn't a sign of things are bad; but that it is only going to get worse.    As people follow the Federal government to find out where the bail-out will take them; they currently deal with everyday disastrous-life changing problems.  It's foreclosure business as usual.

This is Chicago Funnies.  We may change our name because of the way the economy is going.  We will give further details on November 5Th.

Randall Watson