Thursday, August 6, 2009

Women Super-Glue Privates of Cheating Hubby - Crime & Courts News Briefs | Newser

More weird news today; 4 women have been charged with felonies for apparently setting up a womanizing husband in a motel and SUPER gluing his "Johnson" to his tummy. The act was a vengeful act acting adulteress, and womanizing behavior.

Lorraina Bobbit has sparked the world of women who take action against the poor little "wee-wee" who only works at the command of the brain. Shouldn't the man's brain be glued to a table or his eyes glued shut; because it was his brain and thoughts that spurred the action of cheating with these women's hearts.

Why take it out on the part of the body that had absolutely nothing to do with the final judgement (funny)? It is equivalent to gluing the baseball bat to the ground of a man who is beating someone with the bat.

The bat is the tool; the brain, is the real attacker.

Randall Watson
Chicago Funnies

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Women Super-Glue Privates of Cheating Hubby - Crime & Courts News Briefs | Newser

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Unemployed Grad Sues College for Tuition - US News Briefs | Newser

Interesting news here; a student grad who cannot find work sues her school her college (Monroe College) for the $70k tuition. Web Hosting $6.95

If this is held up, Sallie Mae and will be out of business and colleges across the board will be in big trouble.

The thing is no instituition offers a guarantee upon finishing school because in the J-O-B world, there are no guarantees.

The school will most likely win because they will tell her to get out of states with high unemployment rates.