Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Dies at 50

LOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson, the sensationally gifted child star who rose to become the "King of Pop" and the biggest celebrity in the world only to fall from his throne in a freakish series of scandals, died Thursday. He was 50. Jackson died at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Ed Winter, the assistant chief coroner for Los Angeles County, confirmed his office had been notified of the death and would handle the investigation.

Michael Jackson dies at age 50! I grew up with three main celebrities that practically raised me outside of my parents. Because my dad worked so many hours; I like many other kids looked to celebrities for our influence.

Michael Jackson Dies at 50

Monday, June 22, 2009

None of Your Own US Business

I was watching a news program this morning regarding the destruction going on in Iran; and news casters are saying we are going to see what President Barack Obama will about this. I don't know if if it is me; but what does Barack have to do with Iran's elections?

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Iran says at least 17 protesters have died in a week of unrest, including at least 10 killed in confrontations the day after Khamenei's speech. While this is unfortunate; but if there were riots after Barack defeated John (McCain) here in United States, would Iran's media be asking their president what he is going to do about it?

The US should be minding their own business. The last time we stuck out nose in another countries business; we lost over 10,000 troops in Iraq. I just do not see why it is the US's business and not the United Nations? Can someone help the Chicago Funnies understand so we can make funny of it properly?

Randall Watson
Chicago Funnies
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