Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Point-god returning home

The NBA's only point-god is returning to his home town of LA; leaving his contract void (even of the promised 17.6 Million in store for him next year in G-State). He thought it was the right thing to do; because he always wanted to return home.
Recently known as the "point-god" because of his trademark beard (and we all know beards comes from people trying to be like God or Jesus, I wonder why we rarely see Christians with them... (notice the capital "G" to distinct between the gods and God)).

Chicago Funnies caught up with Baron to get a few questions:
CF: Baron why are you dropping 17.8 Mill to go back to LA?
BD aka point-god: “It’s tough, but you have to do what’s best,”
CF: C'mon on why are you really leaving and do you think it's fair to G-State?
BD: “You have to do what’s fair. I’m happy with where I’m going. A big reason is because of the impact and the things that I can do going forward. I knew I could have done them here and created all kinds of good things and positive things in the community, and ultimately, me going home helps me make an impact on young kids.”
Davis, who usually has his bushy beard trimmed short below large black-rimmed glasses, said with a smile (after asking our report who are Chicago Funnies)? That's when we abruptly left.
He is going back to LA; I like Baron; he's help make basketball exciting again. Look out Kobe.
Do you think he should have stayed in G-State?
Holla at your's Due Daniels

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