Thursday, July 3, 2008

US, "We lost 62,000 Jobs."

In the month of June the US LOST 62,000 jobs. I don't know about you but you have got to be the clumsiest person to lose 62,000 of anything. And the economy is to blame.

As you see unemployment lines pile up you start thinking I need a plan B; because you don't want to be in that line - there are better things to stand in line for; like Cubs tickets, a rock concert; but to get in line for money because your money source was cut off...

We need to rebound like Kevin Garnett and really express our concern to President George W. Bush (what is a "W"). I spent a measly 51 bucks at the gas pump today (I say measly because the guy at the pump across from me shot past 80 bucks when I stopped looking). I was amazed, terrified, and I felt my heart faint.
I use the train so much, I forgot how it felt to pay for gas at $4.25 a gallon.
I felt like Michael Jordan's late dad, James, in his expression of how it felt to be at a game with everyone shouting his sons name...

"You wanna break out in goose-bumps," because I can't get in my mind that the gas is any better. 62,000 incomes stopped short, and how can they even afford to go job-hunting (funny). Hey you could be next - I could be, we got to brace ourselves.
And this is no funny topic; except it for Donald Trump's fantastic way of making "you're fired" a sick way I'd rather hear that than, "you're downsized!"
(Don't live in a pink state)

What is your prediction for July 2008?


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