Sunday, July 6, 2008

Religion and Presidents

In recent times religion has played a special role in selecting a president. I'm curious why is it a big factor in a country that has freedom of religion?
Well one thing is if I believe in Allah, it would make sense to elect someone who shares that same belief. Likewise if I am a Christian, having someone with like belief will make my life better with that person in office.
So why is it just as important as the economy? Because belief is what drives every individual. We took a look at past presidents to see which religions we've had in office.
Pew preferences
Here's a breakdown of presidents by denomination:
• Episcopalian: 11 presidents
• Presbyterian: 10
• Methodist: 5
• Baptist: 4
• Unitarian: 4
• Disciples of Christ: 3
• Reformed: 2
• Quaker: 2
• Catholic: 1
• Congregationalist: 2
Epsicopalian seem to run the show along with Presbyterians, after that Methodist, and then Baptist (Bill Clinton). So in all this, the faiths of McCain and O'bama lead to McCain getting the presidential nomination because he was raised Epsicopalian and later converted Baptist.
The list of past presidents religious affiliations are all different sects of Christianity. So, then whos 'sheep-skin' is authentic; in other words whos form of christianity is valid (not funny)?
Church and state are not as separate as it use to be. What do you think?
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