Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let's get married on the Moon

A couple is seeking to get married on the moon by 2011, following moves a recent couple whom married 62 miles above ground in a rocket-jet.

Now isn't this a bit too far. Standing on the moon and the pastor says, you may kiss the bride and you take off your helmet (forgetting where you are) and die (not funny). Or you you keep it on but since it's your first trip to the moon you don't know the velocity and you move forward to kiss and shatter the glass frame of the helmet and your oxygen-less body...well you get the picture.

I think adventure has to have a limit. The government should cast a limit on adventure. President Bush would probably veto it seeing they allow cigarette smoking; let's keep the imagination going. I'm going to renew my vows on the rings of Saturn or Neptune, which ever I have gas to reach (funny).

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