Monday, July 7, 2008

Lady Wrongly sings National Anthem!

A singer asked to sing the national anthem, breaks out into singing the Black National Anthem instead shocking the room - and later shocking the nation.

The question is, "is she wrong?" Some from the black community suggest she is not wrong, while others say she is. She has yet to apologize.

Now I don't care what your agenda is; if you were asked to do something and you agreed to do it; then you go out and do something else; that is a breach of agreement and you are wrong.

So I guess the outrage from the "black community" (those who defend her), is that people would not be angry if she had sung "God bless America," instead of the black national anthem.

People, do not defend foolishness (not funny, not cool). If she had sung the national anthem, and then continued to sing her rendition of the "black national anthem," perhaps not as much frustration from the citizens of Denver and the US.

Is she wrong - comment below.


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