Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Most Stolen Car...May Surprise you

According to the Associated Press; and State Farm Insurance the reported number 1 stolen vehicle is the 1991 Honda Accord (The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB®).

Following the 1991 Honda Accord was the 1995 Honda Civic. This may surprise you as why these cars are most stolen and not your Mercedes Benz or BMW.

"Just because you have an inexpensive car doesn't mean you're safe from car theft," said NASCAR legend and AutoVantage spokesman Bobby Hamilton. "Next to your home, your car is probably your largest investment** -- be aware and protect it from theft."

We obviously see thieves are aware of the increasingly unbearable gas prices. We spoke to one thief who asked, "why steal a Hummer or BMW, I probably could only make it to the next gas station before surrendering to police or turning it into a foot race."

With gas prices hitting $4.80 in some areas of the country; even our countries worst are being hit by the high gas prices; being forced to steal gas efficient cars (funny).

** We think it's funny that Bobby Hamilton thought it correct to say next to your home your car is your next biggest investment. A car in not an investment, I repeat, A CAR IS NOT AN INVESTMENT. The correct phrase is next to your home, your car is your next biggest purchase. C'mon Bobby...(not funny)!
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