Monday, July 7, 2008

We still love the Taste of Chicago

CHiCAGO - We still love food; we still love the Taste of Chicago as more than 3.5 million visitors attended the annual event in Chicago. This is in spite of high gas prices (the gas prices), funny looking economy ($$ numbers), and even a couple of shootings that had even the police dodging for cover with hot-dogs in hand (funny).

It's been 27 years of the 10-day event, which ended on SUNday. A spokeswoman from the Mayor's Special Events office noted people were not "deterred" by the weekend violence that wounded five people, killing one.

Even in the day light (Saturday morning) one was wounded. This shows we love the Taste of Chicago here and that we love food, especially the food the City has. Cheers to all the vendors.



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