Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rose, early lunch for Beasley

In the NBA Orlando summer league, the Chicago Bulls played against the Miami Heat. Typically, this is no real big match up besides these two teams selecting the first and second picks of the NBA draft. The Bulls selecting Derrick Rose, and the Heat taking Michael Beasley.

The Bulls were no match for Beasley as he went on to a game high 28 points; while the number 1 draft pick had 5 turnovers (not funny). Rose didn't have much to say besides, "hey, it's not even pre-season yet."

Understandable; however don't let Chicago hold it's breath now. We really wanted to bring a guy named Michael back to the City. Now his last name is Beasley and not Jordan - but you get the picture. The Bulls lost 94 - 70, ouch!

Chicago shouldn't be disappointed yet; give it till the All-Star break before we hang our heads.
Do you think Chicago should have selected Beasley?



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