Tuesday, July 8, 2008

80 Jobs Cut with the biggest scissors...

80 jobs with the Chicago Tribune will be cut (with the biggest scissors in the world) in the very near future. The Chicago Tribune is attempting to clear up 8.8 million dollars in salary room due to the lagging economy.

The Chicago Funnies will consider Chicago Tribune editors in need of making up volunteer hours only (not funny).

Employees were told that 55 or 60 layoffs will be made from the current total of 578 newsroom positions by the end of August (y'ouch). Twenty positions already are vacant.

Company representatives declined comment (I'm not surprised - brainstorming what to say to the associated press...oh that's them).

The latest round of cuts at the 161-year-old newspaper, one of the nation's largest, is painful but not unexpected. Once again, we're (CF) not yet hiring.


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