Monday, July 7, 2008

Arrange Marriage Ends in Murder

They say the big sin is showing someone light that have been confined to a dark room all their life. It becomes hard to go back to the dark room; or give them a Fred Sanford junk truck after they have driven a Mercedes Benz all their life. The same with keeping old customs and traditions that in your native country while exposing the new freedoms and liberties the United States present.

Arrange marriages are not law here and second generation children sometimes do not understand the culture after being exposed to so much freedom of choice and more. A man's daughter apparently did not like the arrange marriage situation and rebelled stating she did not want to remain married to the husband she was arranged to.

The father then choked her, in his anger, to death. What do we have now? A father who has to go to jail for murder (and room with big shoulder criminals who kill for fun (not funny)), a dead daughter, and a husband who is freed from his marriage contract.

Many countries still deal with the arrange marriage concept - it works because it has been going on for centuries. Should it be continued? Adam and Eve was an arranged marriage, however God picked and created the bride for Adam.

This is a sad story - when 'till death do us part' is not so great.


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