Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Man Jailed for Borrowing Library Books

What is the world coming to when you borrow library books and you get "the book."

A Denver man accused of checking out hundreds of books and DVDs from libraries around the Denver area and then trying to sell them will be doing all his library borrowing from now on behind bars; and I bet they will keep an eye on his this time (funny).

A Thomas Pilaar was sentenced to 10 years in prison and ordered Tuesday to pay $53,549 in restitution (I don't even think he made that much off the sells of the books).

He pleaded guilty in May.
Now the big question is what is the cafeteria talk about when they go around asking "what are you in for?" Thomas will be forced to reply, "I didn't return my library books." Fellow inmates will not say, "Shame on you Thomas," they will just take notes on it and keep in mind who they can pick on (Not going to be good in prison), especially when the guy before says, I killed with my bare hands", and the guy after says, I robbed three banks in my undies while high before choking my mom for not letting him sleep on the bottom bunk when I was a kid (OK not funny).

We at Chicago Funnies are starting to wonder if people even think at all before they do things? He will have lots of time to read.



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