Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Global goes our Crisis

It's now a global crisis!! First it started when I was doing a budget crunch on my Microsoft Money Manager program and I saw the budget was way off. Cut backs were in place; I laid off my 5 year old daughter as the dish washer, and had cutbacks in groceries.

I realized that I gave off terrible loans to family and friends, loans I knew financially they were just unable to pay back (I'm going to get every sent back all of y'all who owe me (in the words of Frank Lucas) and the guy who lost $200,000 and said he'd get it back slightly optimistic).
The chickens have finally come home to roost in my household. I said it's no problem and I'll make the changes and go right back to work. Then the City of Chicago said they have a budget deficit so bad more than 1,000 jobs will be cut in 2009. I brushed it off my shoulders; I skipped the state level (not even going to bother with Gov Blagojevich), and went to the federal.

I saw the $700M dollar bailout and I started to worry. I said no problem, I will go to the EU and the world accounts for help. and I see the markets world wide plummeting. Gulp (funny).

The devastating financial flu that has sent the American economy reeling is contagious making the rest of the world look sick too. To think all of this started because of my money manager program and my budgeting. Now my daughter is out of a job, my new borns will have no work unless this economy gets better.

That's the thing; this crisis actually has to start from the global level back down. When market analyst tackled in terms of experiencing a fire that was getting harder to put out, bail out on a global level is next.

Start the bail out now. Send $50 to $500 or more to antoniodannes@gmail.com via Paypal to help my small economic crisis and let's have a trickle up economy starting with me (seriously funny).

Due Daniels
Chicago Funnies

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DJ GQ said...

i'm all for the trickle up!!! i'm next in line...it finally pays to be at the bottom (not funny)