Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Rod is not Always the Way

There use to be a saying that said, "The Rod the Way," those who are familiar with the Bible know that the rod of Moses and every child of Israel represented God leading them.
Well not this "Rod!" Governor Rod Blagojevich and his sudden mishaps has brought a spongy grungy dark cloud over Illinois and it's politics.
It's not like everyone is squeaky clean in politics. I mean if Jesus said to all the politics in Chicago and Illinois that are pointing the finger "all who are without sin cast the first stone," I wouldn't be surprised if everyone slowly walks away now.
That's my problem with the media making it bigger than it is.
Yes if he orchestrated a "pay-to-play" model for the replacement of President-elect Barack Obama's senate seat; he should be removed.
But I want to remind everyone how hard Eliot Spitzer went after public officials and took people down for the same things he ended up having to step down for.
I don't deal with politics much because I felt it wasn't anything I could change; this presidential election has been only my second time voting; I rarely go to town hall meetings, and I don't pay much attention to politics (I did watch how they presented themselves on TV - you know the good image up front; do your dirty stuff when the camera is on pause (funny)).
It's probably why we have the politicians we have because people like me were not paying attention to who gets into office.
We really need to be very careful of who we put in our government and watch them as close as we would watch ourselves. I never forget when I had a radio show and my buddy Dred Jones would come on and say something along the lines of, the government is crooked because we get our leaders from among the people...the people who are crooked.
If you reach in a bag full of rotten apples; the best looking apple in that bag is still rotten.
We have to expect that dirty is dirty. The people have to get clean so we can put clean people in office to govern us. The Rod is the Way, not Rod Blagojevich's way.
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