Monday, February 2, 2009

Heart Break Hotel for the Cardinals

Bad news for the St. Louis Cardinals in there heart break loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates or Steelers rather. In what many thought was the comeback of a lifetime for Kurt Warner and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald; they came up runners up.

They fought hard but came up short 27-23 at last nights super bowl contest. And we have a correction above, it is the Arizona Cardinals and not St. Louis.

The real story for today is that a host of Catholic priest cardinals decided to place a friendly wager on the game against inmates who were in jail for strong arm robbery, stealing.

So it was the 'stealers verse the cardinals. The winners were to switch settings for a week. I don't think those cardinals want to be inmates at all; but I'm sure the stealers won't mind being cardinals for day...

"Come to me my son, tell me where your bank account is...and your bed room..."

Randall Watson

Chicago Funnies

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DJ GQ said...

goof troop...why st.louis?