Thursday, July 31, 2008

Los Angeles Earthquake

When I was younger, my older brother told me that thunder was the sound of angels fighting in Heaven. Made me think...then what is an earthquake? Maybe the other angel getting knocked to the ground (not funny). There was another Los Angeles earthquake today, so small they called it a "small sample."
A small sample of the big one coming some time in the future. Can you say, "get out of LA!"

A magnitude-5.4 earthquake shook the Los Angeles metropolitan area Tuesday, leaving residents rattled but causing no serious damage or injuries. This Los Angeles earthquake isn't scaring anybody in LA now, their worries are in the future.

"Every earthquake relieves some stress," Hutton said. "It's usually only a drop in the ocean. In other words, the amount of stress released by this earthquake is minuscule compared to the amount that's built up and is building up for the Big One when it happens some day in the future."

That was Kate Hutton, a seismologist at the California Institute of Technology.

We're happy to report no injuries or deaths.

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