Friday, August 1, 2008

Get Background on your Hired Hit Man

Feds say a Florida construction company owner attempted to hire a hit-man to murder an IRS agent to avoid paying $300,000 in taxes.

"A U.S. Treasury agent says in an affidavit that Randy Nowak in June agreed to pay an undercover FBI agent $20,000 to kill agent Christine Brandt, who was auditing him. Nowak thought the FBI agent was a hit man."

The FBI agent who went undercover said he knew he was in when Nowak forgot to ask for identification.

"I was mad at myself for actually taking my FBI badge to the initial meeting, but when he forgot to ask ID - I was like...I'm so in there," said the FBI Agent.

If you plan on hiring a hit man in the future - don't be intimidated to ask questions. Just because they are hit men doesn't mean they are so mean and tough (funny). Get your questions answered up front.

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Due Daniels


DJ GQ said...

I personally ALWAYS go to Dreddy The Kilah...And i won't dare ask him for I.D. (funny). He probably would do it pro-bono if he don't like ya

Barnabas Rael Pub said...

You don't even want to go to Dreddy the Killah...and you don't even want to ask for ID - YOU might end up the target.

Nathanial said...

who is dreddy the killah?