Thursday, August 28, 2008

Greatest Athlete of All Times...

In a speech to his University of North Dakota graduates, Phil Jackson, the coach of the Chicago Bears...excuse me, Bulls, my bad (where's my editor?), Los Angeles Lakers gave who he said was the greatest athlete he has coached.

Normally we would think, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaq O'Neal among others. No! The greatest athlete Phil Jackson has ever coached goes by the nickname, "the Worm." Yes, Dennis Rodman got his vote.

So that makes me think - what is an athlete. We have people hailing Tiger Woods as the greatest athlete. All Tiger does is swing a pair of clubs, then either drives or walks to his destination. A good cab driver could handle that (funny).

What about baseball players? I don't even consider them athletes. Okay, good eye-hand coordination, but you're only in full action when you're running to the bases. Baseball players are like police officers. In a month, police have maybe one on-foot chase...maybe. So let's do the baseball round off - 25% average batting average; so you're getting on based one out of four real athleticism in that. It's right up there with golf and the WWF...that's right entertainment.

Real athletes are the Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Dewayne Wade, Serena Williams (hot mama too) etc, guys who are constantly able to perform at high levels - and literally do what other cannot. So Phil, I agree - Dennis Rodman could play the 48Th minute of a game stronger than the 1st minute; which is pure athleticism.

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Randall Watson

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DJ GQ said...

look at him now though...yea people call pool and poker sports too. i equate them to police offers that only read meters and write tickets. how about the Designated Hitter in Baseball? they dont even have to play in the field and have the nerve not to get on bas 3 times out of 10!! YOU'VE BEEN SITTING DOWN ALL GAME!!!
Soccer, those are athlethes because they run across that big field and especially when they bounce that ball off their head (funny). Table Tennis??? how did this become a recognized sport? i usually play this when i'm waiting for my laundry to dry or when i am waitin for my guys to get ready so we can go out and hit the can't be a sport if u can play in dress clothes...which brings me to Golf! i aint even gonna go there today, holla at CF peace