Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama Accepts Nomination

Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois accepted the Democratic presidential nomination Thursday night, declaring that Sen. John McCain of Arizona, his Republican opponent, was not up to the task of resolving America’s economic and foreign policy problems. The main argument was that McCain's supports 90% of President Bush's administration and policies.

Does the country want a 10% change or 100% change? That is the question!

“Tonight, tonight, I say to the people of America, to Democrats and Republicans and independents across this great land — enough!” Obama declared as thousands of flash bulbs popped in the Denver Broncos’ stadium. It is enough. Enough hood-winking.

As a presumptive presidential nominee, Obama selected Delaware Senator Joe Biden, a foreign and national security affairs veteran, as his running mate. The pair won their nominations on Aug. 27 at the national convention.

After delivering a speech to an audience of tens of thousands, he announced the decision to accept the nomination and become the first minority presidential candidate of a major party. It was joyous and exciting, and emotional as many teared up in the packed stadium. This is history and it was made.

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