Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yarns at Republican National Convention

After God intervene the beginning of their convention; the republicans continued on. President Bush attempted to push McCain forward by insulting himself slightly. Stating that McCain let's you know when he disagrees with you, President Bush saying he knows first hand. President Bush, everyone disagrees with you (funny).

If emotions work in regular old marketing and sales, then why wouldn't politicians use it to get into office? McCain's camp certainly using it by stressing how he was a POW, how he was injured and stayed enlisted, blah blah blah. I don't understand how that is important in how he will orchestrate this country? Can someone tell me how, getting shot down will make you a better Presidential candidate.

I may try that at my next job interview - I was shot by a worker who went postal..."I'm ready to be CEO and lead this company." Dude you worked in the mail room.

They even use this in the streets; I should be the 'top dawg' because I was shot 5 times. Really, you should have ran or been shooting back and not been shot. So the republicans are using the emotional-card (as are democrats) of McCain fighting in war as a reason to be president.

To me their convention is kind of boring; but they are a different party so they may do things differently. Reporting, not live - Chicago Funnies

Randy Watson

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