Monday, September 22, 2008

Bears Lose...Again!

CHICAGO (AP)—For one brief moment, Brian Griese acknowledged a little extra satisfaction.
He refused to take shots at his former team during the week, but landed a big one at the last moment on a day when he was off target.
“I can’t lie to you guys,” he said. “The game meant a lot to me, personally, coming back.”

Everyone feels good when they can comeback into their former teams house and beat them. It's the ole Horace Grant on Shaq's shoulders winning against the Bulls in 96. You try to be classy about it; but deep down you wanted it so bad, you almost get sick.

The Buccaneers got a 35-yard field goal from Matt Bryant with 3:11 left, and Griese orchestrated a 79-yard touchdown drive in the final 1:49, hitting Jerramy Stevens with a 1-yard pass in the closing seconds of regulation. Several key mistakes cost Chicago (1-2) in overtime.

I've heard many fans across the city giving up on the Bears already. I don't blame them; it's on thin ice with me and I'm not even a full-fledged fan. I think the CHICAGO BEARS and the Chicago CUBS need to change names...(funny).

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yea Horace Grant celebrated bogus