Thursday, September 25, 2008

Government Bail Out Plan

The country is in a crisis, a deep financial crisis. So bad it can be worse than the 1929 great depression. Democrats and Republicans have made “tremendous progress” in negotiations over a $700 billion rescue for Wall Street, and a plan could be in place before financial markets open on Monday morning, according to a leading Democrat. If the problem isn't fixed banks will have no money to loan, and people won't be able to borrow money because; no one has money to loan.

Frankly, I hope the $700 million dollar bail out fails. Why? It would put everybody on an equal playing field. I see people driving cars they can't afford, yet because a thirty loan shark or even a well satisfied loan shark approved them; they go out rolling in style which makes them believe they have money. It leads to what they call in sociology, the vicious cycle. You continue to buy and buy, even though you're not really buying, till you run into a huge problem, then you need a "government bail out plan." We call it chapter 7 or 13 - bankruptcy.

I say let the bail out fail; and force people to actually buy what they can buy. Not borrow what they will pay back later periodically. Just like you can go into a store and buy a $15.99 dollar pair of jeans, you should go into a car dealership and buy a $12,999 dollar car - CASH. And if you can't you freaking don't have a car. Yeah I said it. What would people do then you ask. Catch the train, or rent a car; just as you would rent a house or apartment. Problem solved.

So I hope the bail out fails so that everyone is on the same playing level. Some folks can go into the BMW lot and buy a car cash, most can't. Save your money, juggle it, manage it well to get yourself to the next level. The government bail out plan is exactly what they called it. A bail out; not a thorough solution.

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DJ GQ said...

George Bush isn't leaving office. Just a minute ago we're not in a recession, we're in a "slow down" but today we're in a crisis. This motha is a punk...and he's doing the same fear marketing that hes done since he got into office. At the end of October this marge gonna declare state of emergency thus he won't be required to leave office. Cut the bush down.