Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack Obama Wins

Finally, it's no surprise Barack Obama is the president elect. He has defeated John McCain, Hilary Clinton, and has jolted America into a new phase. President Barack Obama - nice sound. The only thing funny in this piece is that John McCain lost to a black man... (not funny).

George W. Bush is the best president of all time for his ability to set the stage perfectly. He strategically ran the country into the ground. He fought a war that didn't make sense, he burned up the economy, and did it without even being questioned of impeachment.

This is historic. George W. Bush should take much of the credit in Barack Obama's win today for making things so bad that people had to wake up for change. Barack Obama, Barack Obama, Barack Obama (it's a chant, not a keyword spam).

Due Daniels
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DJ GQ said...

Heck yea Chi-town...NORTHSIDE WESTSIDTE SOUTHSIDE STAND UP!!!!!...downtown too