Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chicago and Obama

Chicago has been a mecca and a sort of Jerusalem in a secular sense. When I think about it; Chicago has the greatest beings come from it. No where else can make some the claims that I am about to share with you.

Chicago has produced Michael Jordan. This is a man who has taken on a sport that was mediocre and he transcended it to a spectacular event that nearly every nation is playing. And when he retired the sport has slowly diminished, that is when you know without out a doubt that he was a game changer. Michael's greatness began in Chicago.

Oprah Winfrey. Oprah came out of no where; okay she came from the color purple. However, she is the biggest icon in the world when it comes to media. Her rise started in Chicago.

These people have changed things; they have influenced people and changed the outlook of America in a special way.

Barack Obama is a big piece to the puzzle that is so influencing. First African American President to preside over America. There is not much to be said about his historic route into the White House.

For Bible believers, Chicago has also been the mecca with the man of God Henry Buie who teaches the Bible with the clear-cut understanding of one who is truly anointed. His headquarter is in Chicago as well.

Last, but certainly not least; Antonio Dannes. Originally from Florida, he ventured to Chicago to expedite his marketing greatness. His creation and brilliance in Fiery Marketing 2.0 is crushingly exciting. Once again this began in Chicago.

Chicago and Obama is excellent, Chicago truly ensembles a mecca of greatness in the United States. Beware, the next great thing will come from Chicago.

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