Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here's 21 Million now Leave

"Here's 21 million bucks; now leave us alone!" That is what the New York Knicks are telling Stephon Marbury to do.
Why won't anyone pay me 21 million and tell me to 'can' this Chicago Funnies crap huh? Give me a few dollars and I will sheesh (stop laughing).
So the one time all star and his drama thus far this year has got team GM Donnie Walsh to ask Marbury to leave the Knicks alone while they figure out what they are going to do to him.
I feel sorry for the self proclaimed "Starbury" because he is being treated like this. But at the end of the day he will have 21 million more reasons to actually feel sorry for me. He should have just done what he was asked even if it hurt his ego; and diminished his appeal for next year when he's a free agent.
But some guys are not use to taking that back seat; look at Steve Francis; he's been tarnished and he was the number one starter in the all-star games for years in a row.
Remember Glen Gary Glen Ross - "go to lunch; will you go to lunch - GO to LUNCH..." Marbury; will you go out of town... - Donnie Walsh and the Knick organization. If he's that bad NYC; give him his 21 million owed (by contract); and leave it alone. Stop trying to buy him out when he won't allow it.
Randall Watson
Chicago Funnies

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DJ GQ said...

the old Mariah Carey...here's 50 million american dollars. now get outta my face! its got to be a lil embarrassing for someone to pay you to leave before you've even finished your work. "Thanks but no thanks" situation and I dont know who is saying that the Knicks or Marbury?? SCRAM KID!!!