Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Televising Pool

I'm starting to see why the sport of Pool is beginning to be televised and becoming a watched sport.  Open the sport to women, and get a few fine ones in and boom you have an audience.  

Now the next step is to work on and make uniforms that will attract more viewers.  Most men may be thinking along the lines I am.  Televising pool would be an instance money maker for TV stations.
Jeanette Lee is an exceptional player and this view with this uniform (regular clothing) does her no justice.  Just imagine her in a 'BayWatch' special!


I know she is the "black widow" of the sport, however I am sure someone has designed a black bikini before.  I am not suggesting they wear bikini's but if you take a look at the stances and positions it takes to play pool; you can understand why a bikini uniform would be so awesome.

I'm sure I sound like a high school kid; it is my intention. 
Jeanette, would you be interested in transforming the sport of pool?  If you are a trend setter and want to take pool to where Michael Jordan took basketball; contact Chicago Funnies and we'll love to help you and the sport of women's pool.

Randall Watson
Chicago Funnies

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