Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jesse Jackson says the "n-word"

It has been reported that Jesse Jackson (civil rights activist) during his recent outburst on Bill O'Reilly show against Barack Obama actually said the N-word (nigger). He wasn't calling Obama a "aggin" but was referring to African Americans. This is truly sad and inappropriate coming from a community leader.

Hip hop and rap artist get a hard time for excessive use of the "n-word" sometimes from community activist like Jesse Jackson, thus making it kind of weird for Jesse's statements (not funny).

[This taken from Fox News]:

O'Reilly let out the first bit of the quote last week. As Jackson waited to appear on another Fox program, he whispered to a fellow guest that he was annoyed with Obama for statements Obama was making at African-American churches.

"I want to cut his nuts off," Jackson whispered, making a sharp motion with his right hand.
Jackson's alleged use of the n-word is ironic because Jackson has called on African Americans not to use it.
After "Seinfeld" actor Michael Richards' racist rant in a comedy club two years ago, Jackson said on Fox and in his Chicago Sun-Times column that the n-word is a "hate word ... it's a punch in the groin disguised as a word. ... It is divisive, it is painful. One cannot sanitize this. So whether it is degrading or self-degrading, whether it is hate or self-hate, it is wrong."

[End FN Excerpt]

It's just wrong to say in public - it you use it in your closet, off air, or when you think you're off air it is "a-okay (FUNNY)." Just like everything else in life - be a crook in secret but smile and kiss the babies in public, fight for the working man on camera, promise big, fulfill nothing, and guess body will ever know. Or will they?


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