Friday, July 18, 2008

300 Aides to the Rescue

WASHINGTON — Every day around 8 a.m., foreign policy aides at Senator Barack Obama’s Chicago campaign headquarters send him two e-mails: a briefing on major world developments over the previous 24 hours and a set of questions, accompanied by suggested answers, that the candidate is likely to be asked about international relations during the day.


I think if I were getting 2 emails in the morning from 50 people briefing me on what's going on around the world, not to mention what to say - I probably could be president of the country too. At the very least the Mayor. Chicago Funnies is not taking anything away from Obama, nor any other former or current President, it just seems like that's a lot of help.

A source close to Barack Obama says that the Senator deletes half of those emails and just logs onto Chicago Funnies (that source couldn't be verified - funny?).
Do you think that is too many president aides?

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