Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Does a President's Age Matter?

Reports lately of McCain's age being higher than marijuana smokers - and Barack Obama still being wet behind the ears has surfaced as a major issue, ranking right up there with their remedy for the nation's economy problem and the war conflicts.

True, at times McCain looks so old that you would think he will fall over dead at any moment. But that can happen to anyone (higher risk for age 70 and above). Nevertheless, his doctors must have given him the okay to run for office. Likewise, Obama barely old enough to have his driving permit, but he can speak so well (a white woman's dream - funny).

I truly don't think this is a detrimental topic for who to choose; however if McCain chooses MC Hammer for a running mate then his age will be a the biggest concern in America's history.


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DJ GQ said...

He's so old his birth certificate is chizzled in stone

He changed Ceaser's diapers

He's so old during his first house warming he cooked brontasaurus ribs on the front lawn of the cave.

His birth certificate is printed on papyrus

McCain is actually the highlander

At his first Senate session they handed out loin clothes to the first 10 Senators in attendance

The national anthem was played by King David with his harp

He's so old, he's credited with inventing the first military weapon...a mean stare! (grrrrr)

He is actually the 1st world leader history, however, this can not be supported by documentation because the first half of his carreer was before written language existed.

John McCain is so old him and his father Japheth were the first gentile dynasty...

i'll have more on Obama tomorrow.