Monday, July 21, 2008

Obama is Spending Less

It is reported that Obama is spending less now that he has won the Democratic nomination - and he was reportedly spending less than Clinton (who is $25.2M in debt now).

Chicago Funnies just knew the black characteristics would know the one black women give black men such a hard time for. Being cheap! "I'm not cheap, I'm smart, and frugal."

Obama and his crew apparently think the same way. They are spending less and still gaining more ground.

Unlike McCain, who spent more than he raised in June, Obama accumulated cash during the month, holding back on a ramped-up television campaign until July. Obama is now matching McCain's and the Republican Party's spending on advertising.


McCain is spending more than he raises - and we are still seeing more Obama on TV and appearances than McCain even though he is spending less - being frugal. Obama is reinventing being frugal, even with millions - no one can tell a cheap black man he is cheap. Obama has set the stage (funny).

Special thanks to the Obama committee.

Chicago Funnies
Randal Watson

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