Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cat Fight Ends in Brawl in WNBA

What happens when a 300 lb black man pushes a woman to the floor? He goes to jail. Not in the case with Rick Mahorn, assistant coach of the Detroit Shock, he was ejected. A fight broke out late in the game between Cheryl Ford and Candace Parker.

The fight escalated when Rick Mahorn (former enforcer for the bad boy Detroit Pistons), shoved WNBA star Lisa Leslie. To say she slipped is one thing, but she skid across the floor nearly 10 yards for a first down. People have to understand, Rick is a strong dude. Breaking up a fight is what he did and does.

What it is, is that Rich Mahorn and Bill Laimbeer revisited their Piston bad boy days, if you watch the video you can see Rick on his cell phone calling Dennis (Rodman), Isaiah (Thomas), and James "Buddy" Edwards in for back up (funny).

It amazes me in a country that has training on fire drill, emergency storm drills, etc, yet we don't have a drill to handle a fight or brawl.

Because we know that one person will attempt to stop the fight (we'll call them peacemakers) and while they are trying to stop the fight someone else will perceive it as an attack, and attack the peace maker. Which turns the peacemaker into a defender. A defender can be mistaken for an offender (in a distance 2 people arguing, who's the fool?), which will create another peacemaker, until everyone is on the attack or offensive - kill or be kill mode.

It's basketball, emotions will get going, Rick wasn't out of line - he probably got in the spirit too deep but a man who loves basketball like him and who has 4 daughters isn't going to shove a woman. Now if his daughters start speaking out saying, "daddy would shove us across the kitchen floor," then we can have a different view.

LA went on to win the game.


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DJ GQ said...

halirious, Mahorn retired only because the league had stopped the big brawls...otherwise he'd be in uniform come November. But if the WNBA has more fights they may actually get viewers (not funny). Don't the games come on PBS? (funny). Ok i'm done.