Saturday, July 26, 2008

McCain: Not Happy with Obama

This past week John McCain and the rest of the world learned of Barack Obama's trip to Germany that drew a crowd of over 200,000 people to see a "black" senator from Chicago. While Obama was in Germany, McCain was in the US barely pulling 20 people in a German restaurant (funny).

McCain's reply to the crowd Obama had in Germany was, "I'd rather give a speech to them as President, not a president nominee." And even though that is true, his response should have been better than that.

So I thought I'd help him on what his responses should be or have been:


"That's great!"

"He's a good speaker, doing his campaign, and I'm doing mine."

"That's an awesome turn out; but those people can't vote for him."

"I'm not that popular...oh jeez."

McCain has to stick to what got him this far - but running against a popular guy can and will be rough. He is articulate, he is handsome, he is confident, he has ideas, he has a strategy for the country, and winning will make history.

Obama and all Obama-supporters know this - McCain's camp have to think fast! If not we'll never hear of McCain again.

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Randall Watson

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DJ GQ said...

McCain couldn't pull 20 Germans at a German resturant lololol...good stuff. If I was McCain, I would of said, 'Obama, their votes dont count dude' or 'he may be able to pull a big crowd but i'm old enough to be his great grandfather!!!'