Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Church and Concert Same Thing!

Recently Kanye West, hip hop artist and music producer, liken going to a music concert like going to a church service.

Stating that people get dressed up to go to a concert as they do church; they wave their hands in the air (in worship) as they do at church, a preacher preaches a sermon - a rapper raps a message or rap song; and last but not least, you pay big time money to go to a concert as you do sometimes heavily at a church service.

His comparison, although ludacris, is not too far-fetched. Most rappers rap for money insinuating that preachers preach for money (not funny). The interviewer should have asked, "if the bible is the source that preachers preach from, what is the rappers source?"

Perhaps we shouldn't pursue that right now!

If he [Kanye West] can answer that question then we can be looking forward to a universal change in church going from every SUNday to every concert or so. One thing is for sure, preachers and rappers are dressing more and more alike and making similar faces (funny).

Youtube Interview

Chicago Funnies
-Randall Watson-

(Kanye Preaching at a concert)

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