Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mr. Roland Burris with Dirt on His Shoulder

Happy New Year; first blog of the year starts with a scandal...yeah I know right!

Roland Burris was appointed by the scandal plagued Governor Rod Blagojevich.  This has created an uproar within the state, the democratic party, nationally, even in my home.

It's just a weird situation.  Rod is innocent until proven guilty but to allow him to pick is risky.  What if he is found guilty?  Do we revolt Burris?

This is the scenario I have played in my head.  You have Lucifer in heaven and corruption is found in him and he is going to be removed from his seat.  Before he leaves, he appoints another demon because that was his job.  

Now I'm not calling the governor Lucifer or Satan; and I'm not calling Roland Burris a demon.  I actually like both of these guys.  However; I am saying the situation is similar to the one found in Revelation 12 (Bible class is coming in handy here).

Would God let Satan make that pick?  Different government; different beings, I know.  In this current case, because the way the government is ran; Governor Rod Blagojevich still has this power no matter how corrupt he's been and we have to go along with it; business as usual.

At worse, in my opinion, of the candidates heard on the FBI spy taps; they should not be an option; but after that if the Governor selects a well qualified man or woman; I think it should fly.  Until he is proven guilty he is signing other bills right?  Tell me what you think?

Due Daniels
Chicago Funnies


DJ GQ said...

yea its kind of weird. if anyone should appoint a new senator, shouldn't it be the person who left the seat? i mean Obama was elected in so he should have his successor be someone who follows his regimen...what do i know, i'm just a why was your house in an uproar? haha

Barnabas Rael Pub said...

It's just my wife and the kids all had different opinions about this situation nearly coming to blows. And even though my kids are 5, 3, and 2 respectively, they had strong opinions about who should take over the seat.

However; I got the feeling they were feuding over the new Barney seat we bought and they just heard my wife and I talking about the "seat."

We're all anxious to see what Burris is going to do today!

Rich P.

Barnabas Rael Pub said...

The kids did NOT want Burris seated...